Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Google to Launch Venture Capital fund

Not every day do you see a major corporation like Google launch a $100 million dollar venture capital fund that will be used to invest in projects both inside and outside of it's niche. Google, the superpower of the the internet is setting aside a huge sum of money for just its first year of the fund.

Because of Googles reach, as well as their ability to see exactly what millions of people are searching for, and doing each and every day, I feel they have a major advantage in terms of where to invest money for the future. Google's stock is up $10 already primarily because of this announcement. Here are a few of of the possible areas that Google's Venture Capital unit will put more of its weight behind:
  • Internet Technology
  • Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Solar and Wind Power
  • Disease and other Health Related fields
  • Space related
Google announced the following about the Venture Capital Arm:
"It will bring "to bear Google's unique technical expertise and brand" to "find young companies with truly awesome potential and encourage their development into successful businesses."

In my opinion, this is a great move, for both the country as a whole, and especially the Google shareholders. They may soon be owning quite a few smaller companies with promising prospects.

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