Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Web Site Traffic

I thought I'd write a little post about the three main ways to get traffic to your website. Every webmaster's main goal is traffic. Without traffic, their products won't sell, sites won't grow, and ultimately they are wasting their time. Below are the 3 main ways one can get and keep traffic at a given website.

#1 Search Engine Traffic
Those webmasters who know how to perform search engine optimization on their sites are the ones who get free, targeted traffic for years. SEO is the single most important traffic related action any webmaster can undertake. If you are selling childrens books and your site comes up #1 in Google and other search engines when someone searches for "childrens books" then you are probably going to be very very wealthy in a short period of time. The problem is SEO is not all that easy. There are millions of competing webmasters trying to optimize their sites in the best possible way. You have to compete with these people, and be 2 steps ahead.

#2 Purchased Traffic
You can also Buy Web Site Traffic at fairly cheap rates. Rates can range from $1 to $10 per 1000 unique visitors depending on quality of the traffic and if it is targeted or not. You can also buy traffic via Google Adwords or other advertising platforms. Targeted traffic can certainly be worth the cost. I recommend you order small amounts of traffic and test how well your site is converting that traffic into sales.

#3 Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Site
If you can hook your visitors after they come to your site once, then you are golden. Maybe you have a interesting blog, or forum which people get addicted to. If they have an incentive to come back to your site to participate in discussions or read your latest posts, they will be that much more likely to buy recommended products from your site.

Although the three above traffic methods are obvious, most webmasters do not understand how important each one is on an individual basis.

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