Friday, March 13, 2009

Affordable Affiliates

To start, I will never recommend investing into an internet investment program, however I leave it up to you to decide if they are worthy. When I see a new program that is unique I will usually read extensively about it. This new program is called Affordable Affiliates. AffordableAffiliates is an online High Yield Investment opportunity, or so they claim.

The way it works is that you invest an amount between $100 and $500 into the program. The company then uses this money to purchased large collections, and other valuables in bulk to resell them on AffordableAffiliates then will pay you a return based on the profit they make on the sold products. According to the company here is an example of Just how AffordableAffiliates works:

We buy an Item for $10.00 and sell it for $100.00 .
Your initial $10.00 + 10% of the $90 profit is returned to your account for re-investment ($19).
10% or the profit is added to your monthly payout ($9).
5% of the profit is sent to your designated charity ($4.50).
5% of the profit goes to the person who referred you to AAN ($4.50).

I have to say it is refreshing to see an online investment program that actually has a business plan, paying a variable rate depending on it's sales. There are many excited members in the Talkgold AffordableAffiliates Forum. The program excepts both Solid Trust Pay, Wire Transfer, and AlertPay as a form of payment and also payout via the same methods. Paypal has recently closed the AffordableAffiliate becuase they do not allow internet investments to use their service. It will be inetresting to track the items they put up for sale on ebay, and see what kind of returns they will end up offering.

There is mroe information on this Affiliate Program / Hyip Hybrid at the Money Maker Group Affordable Affiliates Forum as well.

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