Thursday, March 19, 2009

Economic Data List - Next Week

Last week I gave the dates for this weeks key economic data readings, and when they would be announced. I have to say that The data out this week overall was better then expected. Unemployment numbers were not as bad as many experts had expected, The Philly Manufacturing index showed signs of a recovery, New Home start ups were up 22% from last month and The Fed is pumping another $1 Trillion into the economy. Overall, we had a pretty darn good week for being in the midst of the worse recession in 75 years. Acquisition rumors are also on the rise with Google possibly acquiring Expedia, and IBM placing a bid for Sun Microsystems. So what can we expect next week? Here is the list:

- Mar 23 10:00 AM Existing Home Sales
- Mar 25 8:30 AM Durable Goods Orders
- Mar 25 8:30 AM Durables, Ex-Transportation
- Mar 25 10:00 AM New Home Sales
- Mar 25 10:30 AM Crude Inventories
- Mar 26 8:30 AM Initial Claims
- Mar 26 8:30 AM Q4 GDP - Final
- Mar 26 8:30 AM GDP Price Index
- Mar 27 8:30 AM Personal Income
- Mar 27 8:30 AM Personal Spending
- Mar 27 9:55 AM Mich Sentiment-Rev

Let's all hope that the numbers are better then expected, and like Ben Bernanke says, we will be out of this recession by years end. Is this a good time to enter the stock market. In my Opinion YES!

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