Sunday, March 15, 2009

3 Ways to Lose Stomach Fat

I know this topic isn't the usual economic or stock related blog post, but I had to write an article for something else and figured I'd extend it here, plus everyone wants to lose a little fat on their stomach right? Anyway, here are 3 ways to reduce the amount of fat on ones stomach. (Note that I guest wrote the blog post about how to Lose Stomach Fat at Profilesblog earlier this morning).

#1 Consume a Lower Calorie Food Intake.
The less calories you eat the more your body will burn the fat, as fuel already on your stomach. If you normally eat 2,500 calories per day and maintain your current body weight with that number, then lower it to 2,200 or even 2,000. A 10-15% reduction in calorie intake will lead to your body countering the decrease with fat burning instead.

#2 Eat Less Fat
There are all sorts of low fat, tasty foods you can consume instead of that greasy hamburger, or giant slice of chocolate cake. A lower fat intake will lead to less fat deposits on your body, including your stomach if that's where your genetics usually deposits it first. Some low fat, but good tasting foods include: Lean Steaks, Tuna, Most Vegetables, Low Fat Yogurt, and an array of others.

#3 Stay Away from Simple Carbohydrates
Simple Carbohydrates will quickly spike up your blood sugar, giving you a burst of energy and fullness, then fall down rapidly, leaving you weak and hungry. If you eat complex Carbohydrates you will have a sustained energy level throughout the day and reduce your hunger dramatically.

There are of course much more info related to this topic, but after all this is a finance blog. If you want to read the rest feel free to visit the post I contributed to Andy's Blog at abotu Stomach fat reduction.


Ben Peterman said...

Thanks for providing complete details about how to lose stomach fat.The vital principle we should understand is to structure our workouts. Losing stomach fat is the problem which is faced by most of us. I have read in an article that in order to stimulate fat-loss from stomach, we need to stop wasting time doing various abdominal exercises and hundreds of reps of crunches, leg lifts, and torso twists. Follow an healthier lifestyle and It is necessary to have a pleasant sleep for minimum of 7 hours per night.

akhil said...

its a very dangerous problem that everyone will have to face.specially fir men,thats why a man can do many jobs because of a unfit body.if you wanna get rid of this then you have to do excercise to lose stomach fat and i think yoga is a good excercise to losing stomach fat.because it has no side effect and also it gave you 100% result.once you do this you will get changes in your body.

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