Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Google to Buy Apple - Goople

This morning Google announced in a statement that they will acquire Apple, formerly Apple Computer, in a cash and stock purchase. The deal will Give Google an instant Hardware and software business to go along with their search and cloud computer software business. As long as regulators allow the deal, Google, or Goople as it will now be called, will have a market cap of over $200 Billion.

What does this mean for Company?
The two companies mash up well. Google now has its own Cell Phone, the iPhone which is by far the leader in the smartphone industry. Along with this it will be inetresting to see what gogole does as for a smartphone operating system. They of course have their own in Android, but Apple also has their own operating system. Will they merge the two? Google now has an instant operating system to take on Microsoft. Will Goople now expand Apple OS to other computers besides the Mac? Will Goople somehow integrate iTunes into their internet search results? We will all fidn out soon I assume.

What does this Mean for Competition?
Let's just say that Microsoft has no chance. Google will lead in Internet search, smart phone sales, and have their very own computer lineup and Operating system. Windows better watch out.

What does this Mean for Consumers?
Consumers should benefit greatly from this. Innovation will be rampant. The 2 brightest tech companies are now one. I wouldn't be surprised if Goople were to subside all Iphone sales, making them extremely cheap by place ads within the phone. You shoudl see vast improvement in Googles search, when searchign for music, and a possibly faster product innovations for Apples old lineup of products.

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