Tuesday, April 7, 2009

VineFire Scam? For Sure

I don't usually weigh in on these types of programs, but since Vinefire is so popular so fast, I thought I'd give my view on the program. On the cover Vinefire seems like just another Digg.com type site. You post links, and other rate them. That is until you see what this site, which likely has less then a few hundred dollars a day in revenue, offers:

VineFire's Payout Offers
  • $50.00 Just to sign up
  • $0.45 for each Link your click
  • $0.50 for each Sponsored link clicked (Sponsored links are Affiliate links for the owner)
  • $0.12 cents to post a link
Now, You woudl think that at least the person posting the link would have to pay, to provide revenue to the company so they can pay the 45 cents for each click members make on your link, but no, they pay you for advertising too!

So, how is VineFire a scam?
  1. They waste your time
  2. They charge peopel for featured links
  3. They charge people for accoutn upgrades. $5 to raise your daily earnign limit from $50 to $100
All this and they cliam you wil have to wait until January of 2010 before getting your payments. Now, looking at the Alexa rank, lets consider that they have close to 10,000 members. Lets say they all make half of the limit of $50 per day. Thats $25 X 10,000 which equals $250,000 per day they need to pay out eventually. Since they are probably brining in maybe $1000 a day if they are lucky, this is a surefire scam.


Vinal said...

yea it definately a scam blatently. Its all over the web too... nice article

Reza Winandar said...

Oh yes this is absoultely scam, because it's very easy to earn money. Blogger Make Money

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