Friday, April 3, 2009

Amazing Week on Wallstreet - Whats Next?

The Dow has been flirting and even surpassed the 8000 mark this week. Unemployment numbers were not great, but there were a lot of signs that economic conditions may be improving. At this pace the recession should probably be over by the 4th quarter, and unemployment should go down by the start of 2010. So whats on tap for Next week? Below is a quick list of the dates and times of key economic data. It really isn't that big a week in terms of data, however the following week should be packed with interesting pieces of information.

- Apr 7 2:00 PM Consumer Credit
- Apr 8 10:00 AM Wholesale Inventories
- Apr 8 10:30 AM Crude Inventories
- Apr 9 8:30 AM Export Prices ex-ag.
- Apr 9 8:30 AM Import Prices ex-oil
- Apr 9 8:30 AM Initial Claims 04/04
- Apr 9 8:30 AM Trade Balance Feb

Wholesale Inventory number should be interesting. In February it fell at a 0.7% rate, and experts expect a decrease of about 0.6% when the March number are released on Wednesday. The Initial claims of unemployment insurance should also give us an idea where Unemployment numbers are headed. A surprise to the downside, meaning more Job Opportunities for America, could keep the market rally alive and well.

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