Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tazoodle - A look Inside

Below is an overview of a new Search engine which launches in about 98 days. It's called Tazoodle, and it leaves many questions to be answered. This overview is written by a guest author, and not myself:

Overview of Tazoodle

Here's the brand new search engine Tazoodle. We don't know much about it. In this article, we're going to talk about how it works.

In the beginning, after registering a Tazoodle account, a user becomes a viewer. The viewer becomes an advertiser, when a website is added to the account and advertising is purchased. After that, the website of advertiser is added to the display list of the website together with other advertisers. Then, their website is displayed at some times.

One website's view or click cost is $1 and each advertiser pays fees ahead of their site being shown. $1 purchases one credit for website display. Tazoodle gains income, when an advertiser's site is displayed. The earned income is shared differently with different accounts in the next manner – 50% of the total income goes to account owners, which merit sharing in the earnings pool, 75% of the remained 50% goes to advertisers, and 25% goes to advertisers and viewers.

Account keepers can share in the everyday income pool by surveying 20 advertiser sites for 15 seconds each. Advertisers receive a 25% bonus in credits for website display. All that is calculated and then added to their display credits every day. The site display credit count defines the quantity of times the website of the advertiser might be displayed and the implicit income gained by the advertiser.

Both viewer and advertiser can introduce Tazoodle to others. If the user creates an account under the account number of either viewer or advertiser, they become the sponsor of the new account. The sponsor receives a 10% cash commission, if the new account's owner buys advertising. In the same manner if the new account's proprietor invites a user to Tazoodle that later buys advertising also, the first sponsor will receive a 5% cash commission. Commissions are paid instantly to the cash account of the sponsor. Every day, the viewing earnings and commission earnings will be counted and transferred to the user's cash account. Then, each user will have the choice to buy Tazoodle advertising, transmit money to another user's cash account of transfer it to International Global Exchange or PayPal account, which offers debit card facilities and bank-to-bank transfers.

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