Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AAPL, Dynamite Again

There are only a few companies in America that I can say are as exciting as Apple (AAPL). Not only is Appl continuing to innovate, but while just about every other computer company has flopped during this recession, they report that sales of their personal computer, iMac's are up. That is incredible, and just goes to show how popularity in one area can mean success in all. Ever since Apples Launch of the iPod several years ago, a product which has become the symbol of electronics for this decade, the "coolness factor" has driven up sales in all their other product lines. Than came the iPhone, which just built upon the iPod's successes.

So, whats in the future for AAPL?
You might think, "hey, the glittery exterior of the iphone and ipod are wearing off, how will Apple keep the success coming? Simple. They will do what they did in the first place, innovate. Rumors have it that sometime this year, Apple will release a tablet like computer. Some describe it as a larger iPod touch, while others describe it as a possible alteration to the newly popular netbooks. Either way, I'm certain they will blow us away with their innovative foresight.

It just makes me wonder. If a company like Apple who sell products which cost consumers prices that are above average in each area they are in, can prosper in a recession, what happens when the economy begins to grow again? Might be time to considering adding some of their shares to your stock portfolio.

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