Thursday, July 23, 2009

6 Ways to Save Money on Gas

No one really knows where oil prices are headed now-a-days. We have seen the price of oil affect gasoline prices throughout the world to a pretty large degree, especially over the last 3-4 years. As prices bounce around, the economy also is not in great shape. Everyone is looking to save some cash on gasoline right? Well here are some things you, as a consumer, can do to help lower your gasoline use.

#1 Choose alternate cheap methods.

Consider walking, biking, or riding the bus. The first two will not only save you money, but possibly even a couple years on your life, and maybe some money on those extra large sweatpants you have to buy.

#2 Park in the Very First Spot you Find.
Don't spend minutes riding around looking for a better spot. In the time it takes to find another spot, you could already have been at your destination. Walk a little if it's nice out. Time in your car means more gasoline consumption.

#3 Combine trips.

Plan out the quickest way to run all your errands that will save on time and distance traveled. Plan ahead instead of having to run out 5 times every day.

#4 Check the Internet for Gas Deals

Check out sites like for deals in your area. Sometimes you can save as much as 15 cents a gallon from one station to the next.

#5 Who Cares What Brand it is

Gasoline is Gasoline. Who cares if it is Mobile, BP, or some no-name brand? There may be slight differences in the additives of one brand compared to another, but overall, you will not notice a difference.

#6 Sign up for a Gasoline Credit Card

You can often save up to 3% on all gasoline purchases with a cash back rewards program offered to people with good credit scores. Remember to pay off your card on time every time, and to shop around for the best deal.


lee said...

Always enjoy your tips. I would add filling up in the mornings when gas is coolest and most energy dense to maximize your fill-up.

Kentbiofuel said...


Great Blog!

here is a way anyone anywhere in the world can save on thier transport costs! - You forgot to mention - "make your own"

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I have really been inspired to do more by your site!

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