Monday, July 27, 2009

30 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Saving cash is something everyone is looking to do in this terrible economy, so I decided to add another money saving guide to the weekly edition. Here are tips on how to save money while grocery shopping.

- Don’t be afraid of store brands, they are just as good
- Stock up (within reason) when things are on sale
- Get rain checks when sale items are out of stock
- Buy the Sunday paper
- Keep an eye on the weekly store circular
- Clip coupons for name brand items
- Check the store’s website for printable coupons
- Check your cupboards, pantry, and fridge before leaving
- Keep a complete list of items you need on your fridge
- Break your list down by store and plan your outing
- Plan your trip through the store to minimize wandering the aisles
- Don’t forget your list when you head to the store, but…
- Be willing to deviate from your list for great deals
- Be on the lookout for “double coupon” days
- Stack manufacturer and store coupons, both are allowed to be used at once
- Keep a price list/book so you know a deal when you see one
- Learn your store’s sale cycle (sales are often cyclical)
- Visit multiple stores to get the best deals, or…
- Buy in bulk, but…
- Be sure to look at unit pricing
- Bring a calculator (unless you’re a math whiz)
- Be on the lookout for “shrinkage” (e.g., 1.5 quarts vs. half gallon)
- Cook large batches and freeze for later
- Don’t waste leftovers
- Ask your preferred store to match prices form elsewhere
- Avoid non-grocery items that can be bought for less elsewhere
- Joins the store’s affinity program and flash your card
- Buy a chest freezer
- Eat less – seriously, many people eat way more than necessary
- Cook from scratch, avoid processed foods

Remember to spend some time preparing for your shopping expedition, as it could literally save you hundreds of dollars each year.

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