Monday, June 15, 2009

How Twitter, Iran, and #iranelection Is Changing Media for Good

I don't usually blog about much other then the Economy, Finance, and Business related topics here, however given that this is quite a big story, and is somewhat related to business I had to do a quick post about the changing lines in the Media world.

Twitter and #iranelection
In ten years from now we may look back at this Iranian election mess and say, "that's when media distribution changed forever." That's because Twitter has shown us how much more informative and valuable it is compared to the traditional news outlets such as CNN. Anyone who goes to Twitter and searched for #iranelection will see a feed of hundreds of new tweets every couple minutes, many from people inside Tehran Iran with their smartphones posting continual updates of what they are seeing. It is really quite amazing how fast news can spread. Pictures taking by Iranian tweeters are hitting twitter hours before any traditional news outlet releases them. News of violence, deaths, and unrest in Iran are being published seconds after they occur for the world to see.

How Twitter and #iranelection is Helping Iranians
Not only is Twitter changing the media sphere for good, but it is also having a tremendous impact on Iranian citizens who are impacted by the mess of this election. Iran has been blocking local IPs from accessing News sites, Facebook, and even Twitter. American's and people in other countries have been setting up proxy servers and trying to get the information to the Iranians who which to access the information that their Government has been blocking. Twitter is in effect helping to spread freedom of speech and democracy throughout the world.

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