Sunday, June 21, 2009

Could A National Strike in Iran Spike Oil Prices?

The situation in Iran, which I wrote about briefly last week appears to be getting worse as each day goes by. The Defeated candidate, Mousavi, is rumored now to be ready to announce a National strike in Iran which would start with the Oil industry. The question has to be asked... How much will a national strike on the part of Iran affect the international price of oil?

Oil Prices Already Rising
With Summer beginning Yesterday here in the US, Gas prices are already averaging around $2.70 a gallon. Oil Prices have doubled since their lows only a few months ago. If Mousavi does in fact called for a national strike, how high could that make prices go? Technically, the other nations should make up for any production stoppages in Iran, but just the mental impact of the Iran mess could very well send prices back to $90 - $100 by August in my opinion. As you can see Below in the world map of the largest Oil Producing Nations, although tiny geographically, Iran has the third largest oil reserves and currently is responsible for about 8% of all Oil production in the world, with 3.7 million barrels of production per day.

With the economy seemingly getting better, we could be in for another oil price jump. I do not see it getting to $150 a barrel like last year though. Investors will be too hesitant to carry prices over the $100 mark in my opinion for fear of another collapse like we had int he last 12 months.

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