Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm a trend watcher when it comes to spotting sites which are drastically increasing in traffic. Over the last 6-8 weeks a site with no traffic and just 10 members has increased to one ranking 20,000 in Alexa and having over 200,000 members. The site is Profliles at my buddies webpage: Me2everyone Blog Post. The site is unique in that it supposedly will offer members a part of the company.

So what is the company? Me2everyone is a website that claims will launch a front end similar to that of or Facebook. It will also have features of the online world SecondLife. When you signup to Me2everyone, which is free by the way, you will receive 1000 shares in the company. You also get 500 shares for referring freinds, family, relatives.

So how valuable will the shares be worth? Well, considering that there will be 18 billion (Yes, 18,000,000,000) shares outstanding, 1000 shares is not giving you a very large portion of the Me2everyone company. Having said this, they predict huge growth in the company, and we have already seen this in their ability to attract 200,000 members in 7 weeks. We will have to see if this is some sort of scam, or a legitimate idea. Members of Talkgold are discussing the program at:

Anyway I guess it can;t hurt to sign up for free. They were sellign upgraded memberships which I would advise against purchasing sicne you don't know the creators of the site from Adam.

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