Thursday, February 26, 2009

GotoBullion - Opinions?

Well, within the last few days a new Multi Level marketing program called GotoBullion which is located at the website has launched.

So, is it worth taking a look at? I usually don't involve myself in many marketing programs because I just don't have the time. This one caught my eye, sort of because of it's weird combination rewarding members with Gold Bullion and Travel vouchers. Not sure how they came up with this combination, but it does look like the folks at GotoBullion have taken their time to set up a well planned out Multi-Level Marketing program. Provided below are links to forums discussing this MLM:

GotoBullion At MMG
GotoBullion At Talkgold

So how does the program work exactly? I'll just give a brief overview of it and allow you to goto the site to figure out the specific details. Gotobullion charges members $29.99 monthly, in which they will receive monthly a Travel voucher worth $299 (they claim at least). Members are then rewarded in both Gold bullion, as well as additional travel vouchers for people they refer to the MLM. More info from their site:
Cost: 29.99 p/month... and get this, every month when your
subscription renews, your given another position. If there
are 5,000 members paying each month, that's another 5,000
positions PUSHING positions UP, plus all the positions that
are given 3 additional positions on advancement... See, I
told you it's continuous!!
Anyway, I just thought I'd mention this program since it is getting quite a bit of talk around the various forums, and in fact is being spammed via email. Just be caution with all MLM's as they are sometimes borderline scammy, but if you understand how they work and promote them well you get make a little cash, or in this cash travel vouchers and gold.

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