Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Donald Trump Entering the MLM Industry - Trump Network

Over the 10 years or so that I have been marketing online, I have come across all sorts of compensation plans. I've usually stayed away from MLM's (Multi Level Marketing Programs) due to the fact that I felt they were a bit scammy, as well as having products that don't usually benefit the consumer, but instead benefiting the thousands of promoters of the MLM itself.

My View towards Multi-Level marketing programs may soon change though. Donald Trump has recently announced that he will in fact be launching his very own MLM in October of 2009. You don't have to wait that long to get some of the specifics of the program though. The Trump Network will have a prelaunch where you can begin signing up to become a sales rep sometime in July of this year. The MLM will be structured around the sale of vitamins that are customized to each individual. Trump Purchased the company Ideal Health a few years back and will be using it as the backbone of the Trump Network.

Here is a short Quote from Donald Trump Himself to begin the Trump Network brochure:

America is at a crossroads.
At no time in recent history has our economy been in the state that it is today.
We’re in the midst of an economic meltdown created by Wall Street greed, financial industry ineptitude, and a multi-billion dollar government bail out of the financial system that isn’t working. The American dream has been hijacked by complacency and incompetence. My experience in real estate has taught me that the greatest opportunities exist when economic times are at their worst. That’s why, after the real estate crash of the ‘90s, I came back stronger than ever. The first thing I learned is that when times are tough, you need to hedge your bets—you need to diversify.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this company, and if you think the Trump Network will become a $1 billion + company like Donald himself claims it will.


Marissa said...

I have been involved with Ideal Health since far before the news of the Trump Network merger. Just to clarify, Donald Trump did not buy Ideal Health, but rather partnered with the founders and branded the company by putting his name on it. It was announced early in March of 2009 within the company that we were entering Pre-launch as the Trump Network. We are currently accepting marketers into our existing network (now, you do not have to wait) in an effort to lay the groundwork for the massive explosion that will hit our company in the fall; Donald Trump has announced he will launch the largest media campaign in the history of the industry and we are busy building our networks to be able to receive the people who will come on board after the official launch.
The combination of the Trump name, the timing of our products and the current economic climate will without a doubt turn this into the largest network marketing company on the planet. I suggest that if you are looking into this opportunity, get your spot now before the entire world knows about this.

For more info and to connect with the leaders of the company, contact me at


Kevin said...

Either way --Ideal Health or Trump ... this is legit!

Kevin K. Hemphill LIVE

Anonymous said...

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