Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Understanding Autosurfs

I usually stay away from the online investment talk, because they are more like gambles than actual investment opportunities. I recently however had a few people contact me asking me if I knew anything about some of the latest Autosurf programs that are being promoted around the net.

My Overall View Towards Autosurf Programs
As many of you know, I used to Own and operate Talkgold.com for several years until selling it off back in November of 2007. I still remain a part of the site and keep my admin duties over there. Having said this I try to keep Talkgold as opened and free as possible, because autosurfs and well as HYIPs are more like gambles than they are actual investments. Having said this, the real programs do exist, and personally I feel people should be allowed to invest in these things as long as they know what they may be getting themselves into.

Remember a few things when putting money into one of these programs

#1 - Expect to lose your money
#2 - Get your initial investment back ASAP, and then play with the profits.
#3 - Don't believe everything you hear online about Autosurfs, or any investment program not recognized by the SEC.

HYIPs as well as Autosurfs should be viewed no differently then a game of Texas hold'em poker. It's a gamble, but with the proper preparation, skill, and luck you can turn the odds in your favor.


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Edenday said...

A word to the wise: Stay Away From Investment Autosurfs! They all fold, usually within 30-60 days. Autosurfs were created in 2001 for Exchanging Traffic, pure and simple. The concept of 'investment autosurf' started in 2005/2006 when MLM scammers figured out a way to rob people blind with claims of investment earnings from autosurfing. They are meant for generating pageviews for the members and revenue for the owner by way of credit and upgrade purchases. If you really want to earn with autosurfs, consider creating an autosurf traffic exchange of your own. Scripts are readily available and inexpensive these days.

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